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Introducing the Chaotic Good Alliance

Jun 6, 2020 | 0 comments

I am furthering the cause of chaotic good through some new naming conventions and designs. I am renaming the Dorko.tv community Discord to the Chaotic Good Alliance. We are all individuals with unique ideas, goals, and experiences teaming up together for a cause: To combat anxiety with chaotic good.

How we each carry that out looks different! As you know, my personal mission is to use the power of music for the cause.

I have created an insignia to represent our alliance. I’d like to dive into the meaning behind the design a little bit.

First, what is chaos? For me, it is the unpredictability of too many variables to be able to create accurate plans or understand the far-reaching implications of any given action. Therefore:

  1. Life is chaos.
    We are all navigating our way through it the best we can.
  2. There is power in chaos.
    Our actions contribute to the chaos of tomorrow. We should do our best to make tomorrow a better place.

This brings me to the insignia: A compass with a heart at the center, and a shield-like shape that also suggests wings or an open book.

To pursue what is good, we must find and hold true to our own moral compass.

To combat anxiety, we must learn to be open to exploration and adventure, but also stay vigilant as to what kinds of boundaries we must shield ourselves with.

To create a better world, we must constantly seek to learn and improve our understanding of ourselves and the spaces around us.

What’s changing?

Firstly, the Discord has been renamed to the Chaotic Good Alliance with the insignia as the new icon. You can sign up to join the Discord at dorko.tv/discord

Secondly, there are new Twitch sub badges! The shield is available in a variety of colors, leading up to the rainbow version for 1 year. You can subscribe on Twitch right now, which also gives you special roles and access to private areas and downloads in the Discord..


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