Find your balance in a world of chaos. Combat anxiety with chaotic good. is a place where you are welcomed, heard, and supported on your quest of personal discovery and growth.

The journey only counts if you’re learning.

Welcome, weary traveler. It’s great to see you.

You are invited to join the Chaotic Good Alliance, where we are on the search for meaning. This road is long and full of dangers, but we believe the only way out is through.

I’m Anne Dorko, chaotic good bard and leader of your party. Joining us means taking part in shared experiences, songs, and stories. We can’t wait to hear your tale!

Where to Begin

The Community

The Chaotic Good Alliance hangs out in real time on the Discord Server. Join in to be a part of the daily conversation.

The Live Show

I’m live on Twitch every Sunday at 2pm CEST. Join mindful conversations and enjoy the art, music, and games.

The Music

I release original life-affirming music on Spotify and most major music streaming platforms. Listen at any time!

The Meeting

Welcome to Seekers Tavern.

It’s possible you’re imagining it, but you could swear a hint of faerie dust rises through the air as a youthful white-haired bard sits across the table from you. Their blue eyes twinkle as they see your expression. “You must be new here.”

Before you fully take in the scene around you or come up with a reply, the air is filled with a surprisingly gentle melody. You realize that the bard is playing!

Tales of love lost and lessons learned seep into the room. Wins and losses, successes and failures. You find yourself following through twists and turns, as each story somehow connects to a deeply resonant experience of your own.

“We’ve been here connecting through self-reflection, songs, and stories for years now,” a voice says in your direction, and you realize the music has stopped. The bard draws you out of your dream state. “If you’re like us, you’ve come a long way and suffered the same.”

You offer a knowing nod.

“I can’t offer much, but I can give you this: Clues about special items to help you forge your own Shield of Resilience. If you’re lucky, you may also be able to put together a Compass of Perception with what’s left. That is, if the magic that day is feeling benevolent,” they chuckle. “The others are waiting.”

Standing to show you the way, they turn to see if you’ll follow.

Coming soon: Lore.

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