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by Anne Dorko

A mission to combat anxiety with chaotic good.

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Hi, I’m Anne Dorko.

It’s my life mission to make this world a better place. Life is chaos by nature, so I lean into that, and teach others to do the same (if it works for them).

Chaotic good is my nature.

As such, I am a storyteller, songwriter, musical artist, and much… much more. I create content, projects, and communities to propel goodness forward through self-acceptance and the deep power of kindness.

Find and follow me, my content, and my community on:

I can’t wait to get to know you better. See you soon!

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  • Being serenaded live for your first month’s subscription
  • Compass badges in Twitch chat
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  • More in-stream currency for fun commands, entering giveaways, and more

Ready to get some goodies and support my cause? Let’s get started!

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