Combating anxiety with chaotic good.

Original music. Strong community. Self-love.

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Life-Affirming Music

Anne Dorko is a singer-songwriter and music producer sharing emotionally raw indie-pop music.

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Supportive Community

The community are passionate folks who enable each other in silliness, sass, and personal growth!

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Anne hangs out with the community live on stream while writing and producing their original music. 

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What’s all this about?

My name is Anne Dorko. I believe in the power of chaos to create good in this world.

It is my nature to be a storyteller, songwriter, musical artist and much… much more. I create content, projects, and communities in order to propel goodness forward through self-acceptance and the deep power of kindness.

Ultimately, the mission is to make the world a better place. The world is full of chaos, so I lean into it and teach others to do the same (if and when it works for them!).

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The project consists of live streaming, original music, uplifting content on social media, podcasts, videos, and much more.

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Music Releases

You can listen to Anne Dorko’s music for free on Spotify, YouTube, and many other platforms!

Soon: Liberation EP

The Liberation EP consists of five original songs by Anne Dorko and was produced live on their stream at


Song List

  • Hungry
  • Connections
  • Float Away 
  • I Got This
  • Fear Itself

Validation EP

Released July 31st, 2019

Validation is an imperfect debut centered around the journey of accepting what is, owning your space, accepting yourself, and being kind and patient to yourself along the way. 100% self-written, produced, mixed, and mastered. These original songs were written between 2013-2019.

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    Single: Versions of Me

    Released August 17th, 2018

    Versions of Me was written as a reflection of a 30-day solo bicycle tour Anne took from San Diego to Salt Lake City in 2015. This release was Anne’s debut to distributing music on major music platforms. This acoustic version features a single play-through on guitar in-studio at TonSchulz, which was a birthday gift from their girlfriend.

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      Mind the Artist Podcast

      Anne Dorko hosts Mind the Artist, an interview podcast featuring singer-songwriters who self-publish their work.

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