Forging emotional resilience through the power of music.

A chaotic good community and crowdfunding platform for musical artist Anne Dorko.

What happens here?

1. Music made live on Twitch

It all starts with the live stream. You can tune in to Anne streaming their creative process writing original music from start to finish at

2. Music released on Spotify

Next, Anne releases their music to Spotify and other major music streaming platforms! You can follow Anne's profile page here to make sure you get notified for new releases.

3. Friendships are formed in Discord

Where do we all hang out when Anne isn't streaming? In the Chaotic Good Alliance Discord community, that's where! You can join in using this invite link.

4. Funding happens right here is the official brand under which Anne releases content and perks. You can crowdfund Anne Dorko through the Chaotic Good Enabler program for ongoing content perks.

The Artist

Anne Dorko writes music to combat anxiety, featuring tracks with emotional vocals floating over memorable synth melodies. They are a queer, nonbinary musical artist producing their tracks during live streams and loves connecting with their chaotic good community there. Originally from California, Anne has been based out of Germany with their girlfriend (and puppy!) since 2015.

Anne started performing music live on Twitch in April 2018 and, thanks to their amazing community and support that grew from these live streams, was encouraged and supported in creating a small home studio from which to produce their original music for release.

While Anne's sound is still evolving, the current direction of their music is best described as a blend of The Postal Service's catchy synths with the softness and heartfelt themes of Rebecca Sugar.

Crowdfund Anne Dorko

Chaotic good enablers are financial supporters of the project.

The project consists of live streaming, original music, uplifting content on social media, podcasts, videos, and much more.

How does becoming a Chaotic Good Enabler work? You can find all kinds of artists and creators funding their support on platforms such as Patreon or Ko-Fi. Instead of using a middle man, you can directly support me here by subscribing to your choice of tier with perks right on    Payments are securely managed through Stripe. You will then gain access to a Chaotic Good Enabler dashboard with your content perks!

Follow the Music

Keep up to date by following these playlists on Spotify!

Mind the Artist Podcast

Anne Dorko hosts Mind the Artist, an interview podcast featuring singer-songwriters who self-publish their work.

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