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Anne Dorko Artist Bio

Imagine a defeated soul, crumpled in the corner of a bare room. No outlet for an overwhelming sense of loss and crushing depression. That is, until songs started forcing their way out from the darkness and leading the way to recovery.

Fast-forward a few years. Anne Dorko brings their wild range of life experiences to the independent music scene, determined to combat anxiety with chaotic good through example. Anne works primarily with clean vocals, acoustic guitar, and electric violin, but looks forward to exploring genres and experimenting with all kinds of sound.

You’ll hear a few common themes throughout Anne’s music – What is home? How does one find it? Where is one going? What makes somebody who they are? What does it mean to be free? Self-discovery, constant reflection, and personal growth are always front and center.

In all of this, one thing is certain: We must continue on, and strive to bring our best to every moment. Life gets better when we embrace the power of chaos.

Anne’s artistic influences include Imogen Heap, P!nk, Amanda Palmer, and Dashboard Confessional. You’ll find Anne engaging their fans live on most Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays under the username AnneDorko.