Versions of Me

Pushing up the mountains
Flying down those hills
Everything I own is
Strapped behind the wheels
It’s just me now
It’s me now, it’s me now

Fall asleep beneath the stars
Trying to figure out my place
I was always rushing through
As if this were a race
But it’s just me now
It’s me now, it’s me now

Trying to make sense of the rules
But I’ve long since given up
We’re born here on our own
And the rest is all made up

The journey, journey
Only counts if you’re learning
The journey, journey
Should always set you free
The destination only matters
If you know where you wanna be
The question to ask yourself is,
Do I know how to be
The best damn version of me

You can put your hand in mine
If we met here on this road
Join me on my journey
Goodness only knows
It’s just me now
It’s me now, it’s me now

We decide what all this means
If we want some bigger plan
And as time moves us along
Oh, I’ll give it all I am
I know me now
This is me now, it’s me now

You can’t give it all you’ve got
If you don’t know what all you have
Who are you with nothing?
When nothing goes as planned?


It’s okay to take it five minutes
Five minutes at a time
Cause some days just waking up
Waking up is the finish line
When you give all you got
You can take what you need
Take what you need, no shame
When we share all we have
We leave this world
We leave this world a better place
No need to complicate

[Chorus x2]

Written October 2017
Anne Dorko Lyrics