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Download: It’s Alright (Acoustic)

[From the Patreon archives] The very first home recording download is available! I'm working on others as well but keep being dissatisfied with how they turn out, and this was a pretty simple one to record. I did a quick and dirty GarageBand mix-down, hopefully in the...

Welcoming my first Patreon

[From the Patreon archives] My very first patron here on Patreon. I am so overwhelmed right now... AHHHH. Thank you. I can’t say it enough. I'm already getting started on recordings this next few weeks and months – I’ll be traveling a bit but here’s what’s in the...

First Home Studio Equipment Arrived

First Home Studio Equipment Arrived

[From the Patreon archives] My new home studio gear finally showed up today. I am so excited because this means I’ll be able to stream higher quality audio PLUS start recording pretty decent home tracks. Are you ready for this?

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