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Early Access: You and I

Jul 27, 2020

Every month, I have Chaotic Good Enablers suggest songs for me to cover, and I pick one to do in my chill indie-pop style! I answered some FAQ on my process for picking songs, but there’s not a strict science to it. This month, there were a couple of songs I had a hard time choosing between but, ultimately, I chose to cover You and I by Ingrid Michealson.

It is now available for early access for Chaotic Good Enablers, and will be available to stream publicly on August 15th.

Melina, once again, had a brilliant idea for the cover art. We walked down to a nearby hiking trail with a great overlook of the nearby valley. Right as we started taking photos, it began to sprinkle, creating a misty magical effect in the final photos. Here’s the result!

Past cover songs include Love Like You and Imagine. You can learn more about my song choosing process here!

Crowdfund supporters at 5€/mo and higher, your preview and download are available below (and on your member perks dashboard!) after you’ve logged in. If you aren’t crowdfunding yet, you can get instant access by signing up here.

Note: The preview below is a low-quality MP3. For the high-quality MP3, right-click the title below the track to save-as.

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