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Early Access: Love Like You Cover

May 29, 2020 | 0 comments

I’m super excited to announce my first attempt at a proper cover song. Every month, I’m asking Chaotic Good Enablers to submit tracks they’d like to hear me cover and I’m picking one to give a swing at. This month, I chose “Love Like You” by Rebecca Sugar and featured on the Steven Universe soundtrack.

This song is close to my heart because I love the show and these lyrics speak to me a lot. I hope that you find I’ve done it justice. I’ve submitted it to get licensed and released in stores around June 15th, so if all goes well it will be available for streaming and purchase then.

Chaotic Good Enablers at the 5€/mo tier and higher have early access to the download in the dashboard.

The cover art is a real-world rendition of the original end credits scene. Melina had the idea to make small props to replicate the scene and put them in her hand. So, the image is of Melina’s hand, too!

The original artwork by Cartoon Network Studios

Our version!

The song preview is available as an early access release for 5€/mo tiers and higher below, or you can simply download the song from your dashboard.

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