Shit Happens

Official Lyrics

Don’t tell me that shit happens
I know it happens every day
But you don’t need to be the one
Sending it my way

Don’t brush off your bad behavior
With some dismissive phrase
It’s something only I decide
If and when to say

When shit happens
When shit happens
I know shit happens

You must think I’m stupid
To think you’ll get away
With disrespecting boundaries
Every single day

That’s why I walked away from you
It’s been the fucking best
When you’re the shit that’s in my life
You get flushed with all the rest


The moral of my story
It applies to every age
You don’t have to take their shit
When it’s clear they’ll never change

Some people are incapable
Of basic empathy
There’s no point to stick around
If you’ve already seen


When you make mistakes
Just say sorry
When you make mistakes
Just say sorry
When you make mistakes
Don’t say shit happens
Say you’re sorry

Song Information

Song title

Shit Happens

Written by

Anne Dorko

Originally written

January 1, 2018

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