On the Edge

Official Lyrics

When I walked across the street
And then I found you there
That’s when I knew it was on
And I could not have cared
We were always gone too long
Always singing our favorite song

Close your eyes to see
That I have finally walked away
Open your mind to find
That what I left will truly stay
Everything, it goes so fast
But do we really want things that last

It’s almost over
Cause I’m living on the edge
Where I find my closure
I’m almost out
I know I sound crazy
But I won’t be put down

When I look into their eyes
They know that I can see
Below the words of what they say
And what they really mean
It’s a long way home from here
Momma won’t you fight those tears

Behind the door of what I know
And what I left alone
Unfinished plans and dreams
Whatever never lay in stone
I can leave these things to rest
I can only ever give my best


Did you know that these are things
That I have left to you
I wrote these words so that
You could finally know the truth
Nothing’s ever what it seems
You’ll never know what I really mean

I cannot change what I am
Or who I am inside
And I see no reason
That I should have to run and hide
So I’m gonna take my stand
Raise my head and raise my hands


Song Information

Song title:
On the Edge
Written by:
Anne Dorko
Originally written:
August 1, 2013
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