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I watch the sunset
Over the mountains
Under the trees
And I can feel the breeze on my skin

It’s after the rain
And all through the storm
I can feel your gaze from over the water

And I cannot begin to tell you 
All the trouble I find myself in
And I cannot even explain
Where exactly I have been

The days they float away
Like everything that I have ever done
My fear that I’m the same
In spite of all the battles that I won
It’s a new year, with a new song
And a feeling that these feelings aren’t so wrong
We broke our hearts to find our anthem
So let’s sing it strong

I watch the time pass
Crawling through minutes
Flying through years
I can feel the seconds closing in

After the inhale
While holding your breath
You can feel the freedom restless within

When she cries it reminds me
How the fragile world we’re in
Where do we find
All the strength to try again


[Bridge x2]
I will always find you
If only in my memories
But I am making room
For all of my new dreams

[Chorus x2]

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