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Shield of Resilience

Requires attunement

The Shield of Resilience as seen in the Chaotic Good Alliance emblem

The Shield of Resilience is a special build of armor forgeable only with special materials which are specific to the person who will wield it. No two Shields of Resilience are the same, though many bear striking similarities. Chaotic Good Alliance members are granted insider knowledge for how to obtain them upon joining the group. Therefore, Alliance members are easily spotted due to how frequently they carry these signature shields.

Any armorer can help you to forge your shield, but it is up to you to identify and gather the unique materials necessary for your particular build. Once your shield is forged, you must dedicate one week to attune to its resonance. Regular attunement is recommended for maximum benefits – a minimum of five minutes daily is considered best practice.

Identifying the components you need for your shield is best done with a professional guide. However, if you are not able to work with a professional, this is a journey you can attempt on your own, preferably with the help of trusted friends who have already built their own Shields of Resilience. Remember that others can help you along your journey, but only you have the power to make and wield your personal shield.

Shield of Resilience Components

The components of your shield will reveal themselves as you complete the Quests of the Shield. There are four quests you must endure before these materials will be made available to you.

  1. The Quest of Connection
  2. The Quest of Wellness
  3. The Quest of Purpose
  4. The Quest of Outlook

You can complete these quests in any order, but you must complete them all before you are able to forge your shield. This process can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on your background and experience level.

Last updated January 25, 2021

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