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Seekers Tavern

Seekers Tavern is the de facto reception desk for the Chaotic Good Alliance. It is the only readily accessible location on base for newcomers to discover. This is where you find yourself being welcomed into the Alliance and then assigned your initiate quests to forge your Shield of Resilience.

When you first arrive to Seekers Tavern, the first thing you notice are the warmly lit windows. It always seems a comfortable fire is roaring away in the generous hearth, no matter what time of day. Life radiates out of every seam of the building. The first floor exterior is lined with dimpled white stone, the second with dark rugged wood panels. Above the doorway, a hand-carved sign bears the tavern name in playful letters.

Pushing open the mahogany doors, a gust of toasty air wraps around you, engulfing you with delicious aromas you can’t quite name. Long wooden tables have been pushed together to entertain large groups as they sing, laugh, and play. A tall bartender with a deep scar over their right cheek finishes pouring a drink at the bar in the back of the building, then disappears through a door behind them. Tucked away on the edges you can see many others have squirreled away, lost to the world in books and journals while sipping on hot coffee and teas, empty plates already being whisked back to the kitchen for cleaning by helpful hands.

To the left you see a large bonfire crackling away. The stone walls are lined with artwork you can only assume is supplied by frequent patrons of the tavern. In the far reaches of the room is the bar neatly lined with clean mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, and utensils. Barrels line the wall behind the bar below a window peeking into the kitchen. There, the bartender is offering a hand to the cooks as they fly to meet orders.

As you take it all in, a smiling host quickly arrives, asking if they can help you find somewhere to sit or if there is anyone you would like to meet.

Last updated January 25, 2021

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