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Chaotic good enablers are financial supporters of the project.

Your support goes directly to Anne Dorko to enable them to continue creating chaotic good in the form of live streaming, original music, uplifting content on social media, podcasts, videos, and much more.

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Get access to exclusive content including monthly wallpaper downloads and semi-weekly personal letters.



Get access to everything Hype Squad, plus exclusive music and podcast MP3 downloads, as well as early access to new content.



Get access to everything Comrade, plus be listed as an official sponsor for every release I work on while you’ve held your status.

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How does becoming a Chaotic Good Enabler work? You can find all kinds of artists and creators funding their support on platforms such as Patreon or Ko-Fi. Instead of using a middle man, you can directly support me here by subscribing to your choice of tier with perks right on    Payments are securely managed through Stripe. You will then gain access to a Chaotic Good Enabler dashboard with your content perks.

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