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Cover Song Suggestions

Crowdfunding supporters, a.k.a. Chaotic Good Enablers, of all tiers are invited to suggest one song per month for me to cover in my style.

Here’s how suggestions work:

  • Use the secret form link provided to you to submit your song choice. I send an email to each Enabler at the beginning of every month as a reminder!
  • You can submit songs more than once if you really want me to cover a particular track, it basically counts as a +1 vote on your old submission. Resubmitting won’t bother me, and I’ll let you know privately if there’s a special reason I’ll never cover a specific song you’re asking for repeatedly and let you send me a new suggestion.
  • The existing song submissions are treated as an ongoing pool for me to choose from, so I may ultimately pick a suggestion from you or another Chaotic Good Enabler that came from the past months.
  • With the exception that I will only pick submissions (old or new) that were submitted by current Chaotic Good Enablers.
  • For the most part, I can cover any song that has been licensed and distributed in the USA. If you want to learn more about the nitty-gritty of cover licensing, here’s the licensing agency’s FAQ.

What happens after I pick a song to cover:

  1. I’ll produce and write the cover offline.
  2. Once finished, I’ll provide Enablers early access to the track (5/mo and up).
  3. The track gets scheduled for release on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Currently, I’ve been keeping the reveal a surprise until the song is completely ready. If you’d like for me to announce the selected song or have other ideas to make this process more exciting, let me know! I am always open to feedback.

You can login or sign up to submit your track suggestion right now!

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